Photograph of our senior Pastors

Meet the Pastors

Ps Steve and Karina Maile are the founders and senior pastors of OCC. They are also the parents of four beautiful children: Celeste, Daniel, Hannah and Joel.

Ps Steve and Karina have travelled extensively, equipping Churches globally. They support many Churches around the world and firmly believe in building local Churches and communities. They are very passionate about their faith and about seeing every person fulfill the call of God in their lives. Their hope is that people are inspired in their pursuit of God and challenged into the fullness of God. Their desire is to see the Kingdom of God established on the earth.

They both have a great understanding of the grace of God and what it is to be loved and to love within the grace of God.

Steve Maile is an international Evangelist, president of New Zeal Global, with many years’ experience in direct platform evangelism as well as one to one street evangelism. Steve has travelled extensively equipping churches globally.

He is a gifted singer and communicator to the young and old alike, reaching people from every walk of life, often with signs and wonders accompanying his message. Steve is also deeply involved with CMN, a global men’s movement lead by Paul Cole, committed to rescuing men and raise them up into strong Christian disciples.

Steve became a Christian in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1979 and was trained for the ministry by Dr Kevin Dyson. He then left his managerial catering position to answer God’s full-time call to preach the Gospel worldwide. To date he has ministered in more than fifty nations.

He also spent several years in power evangelism with Reinhard Bonnke; in 1984 he graduated with honours from the School of Evangelism in Africa.

Steve is married to Karina and they have four children, Celeste, Danny, Hannah and Joel.

“Evangelist Steve Maile has been known to me for many years. As a matter of fact he was one of the students of the Mobile School of Evangelism of Christ for all Nations (Cfan). Steve is a man of God filled with the Holy Spirt and evangelist fervour seeking to win the lost for Jesus Christ. He is a man of high spiritual standards and full of integrity. I highly recommend him and His ministry.” Reinhard Bonnke

Ps Karina is a gifted and insightful preacher and teacher with a powerful ministry which is often used for spiritual and emotional healing. She became a Christian at an early age in Cordoba, Argentina and was under the guidance and discipleship of Omar Cabrera, the great Argentinian prayer warrior and Evangelist from the early days of the Argentinian revival. She was the worship leader for her Church as well as leading a home group and running the Sunday school. At the age of 21 she married Ps Steve where she then travelled to many other nations with him fully supporting Ps Steve in his ministry and also acting as a God appointed minster in her own right.

She has now been pastoring for over 15 years as well as fulfilling her roles as wife and mother.


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