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The photograph shows Ps Steve ministering to a crowd of over 5,000 in Hyderabad, India

OCC is a Missions Church. We have a heart for London, Europe and the World. In recent years Pastor Steve has ministered in Fiji, India, Africa, America, Holland and Spain… Seeing many miracles of healing and even more people making a first time commitment to Jesus. We desire that everyone in the Church has a chance to visit and impact the mission field, to grasp God’s heart for people around the World. (Mark 16:15-20)

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We have links with many Churches worldwide and benefit from their Apostolic Leadership. We often visit them to support and complement their ministries, as well as receiving them in OCC to impart something of what God is doing in their country - to build and encourage His people in London.



22nd May - 29th May Ps Steve will be holding several meetings and leading an evangelistic revival team out on the streets of Bangkok. He will also be travelling to Chang Mai to attend a conference and hold meetings there as well.

Please continue to pray for strength, power wisdom and miracles to flow through his life as he travels and mininsters. If you would like to support this mission please follow this link to the DONATE page


Ps Steve and Ps Karina will be travelling together to Berlin from 2nd June and returning late on 5th June.



Ps Steve and Celeste went on a mission to Argentina and Paraguay, they started off in Buenos Aires and moved onto Paraguay, they went on street evangelisms, missions to hospitals, led men’s meetings and youth meetings, attended seminars and conferences. Although they have been incredibly busy they have seen many salvations, healings and miracles, for them it is a privilege and an honour to be able to take the Gospel out to those who are most in need. They ministered almost constantly, but the most impactful event for them was when they ministered in a youth conference for thousands of teenagers who were totally passionate about Jesus.


Ps Steve had a great time in the USA, he started his trip with the CMN men’s conference, meeting key leading men in the ministry and reconnected with friends. He celebrated his birthday by leading a group of military men in the salvation prayer. The best birthday gift he could ask for. Ps Steve ministered all over the place, his primary purpose was the CMN Men’s conference but he also preached in many churches and Bible schools.

Portugal - 18th - 23rd June

Ps Steve went to Lisbon along with Paul Cole, Ps Mark Van-Gundy and CMN where they are holding a mens conference. It is so encouraging to see men chase after the things of God. He has enjoyed some amazing time in worship and seen many breakthroughs, salvations and miracles in these meetings.


Ps Steve went to America where he travelled and preached extensively, one of the Churches he visited was Great Grace International where they are held their “Open Well” conference.


Ps Steve was in Dubai and with another full programme where he is connected to key pastors. Ps Steve spoke at Maratha full gospel Church in Dubai and held 5 meetings at the Holy Trinity Church.

Ps Steve flew out to India where he was kept very busy with a completely full programme. He preached as soon as he arrived on the first night, where he saw many people coming to the Lord. He managed to set up a meeting for the staff of the hotel where he stayed and lead some of them in the salvation prayer. He had 5 meetings lined up plus a visit to the hospital praying for the sick. He then left for Dubai for an equally busy schedule before flying back home to his family just in time for Easter. Please pray for him to have maximum impact for the Lord and for Gods power and miracles to continue to heal the sick.


Ps Steve was home from Argentina for less than a week before flying out to Bologna in Italy where he was extremely busy, he held several meetings, did some baptisms, set up an evangelistic mission for later in the year, held meetings in the street and saw many people saved and responding to the call of God. He believes that there is a new time of harvest for the People of Italy and that it is time for revival and a refreshing in Europe. Please continue to pray for him as he ministers to the masses and for Italy and their time of harvest.


As soon as they arrived Ps Karina did a women’s meeting. She felt it was such a blessing and privilege to share the Gospel and God’s love to those precious women and to be able to encourage two pastors’ wives in their ministry.

They went to the park to do evangelism and we were so blessed to see people responding to Christ and opening their hearts to Him, in the evening Ps Steve preached in Pastors Rodman and Betiana’s Church in Buenos Aires while broadcasting live on the radio. They are a beautiful group of people who are always sharing Christ in the streets and parks.

They then went on to Cordoba where visited OCC Cordoba on Tuesday and Pastor Steve did a meeting on Thursday organised by Ps Raul Caceres, they also connected with other pastors and leaders there. They believe that The Lord has promised them a huge harvest in that city, please pray that SUPERNATURAL GRACE , CONNECTION & POWER be released over that city. Please keep praying for us and lifting up the people of this nation for salvation!


The meetings in Paraguay were amazing, our pastors really experienced something in those three days where they prayed for innumerable amounts of people, on the Saturday night they saw a packed altar call of young people including some who were being saved, they also had some strong prophetic words for the pastors & many of the congregation. Pastors ministered on the power of the “Blood of Jesus” and they witnessed many folks getting set free, it was action packed & such a joy to see people so evidently moved on by God, many receiving restoration & healing. Thank you everybody for all your prayers.


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